Hi! I’m Catherine… 

Born in Shropshire, bred in Kent! Currently living in Southborough just outside Tunbridge Wells. I am mother to Jasmine and partner to Tom. I love adventure, nature and the outdoors, with a particular passion for climbing. As well as being a certified business mentor and coach, I am qualified as a climbing instructor and, where relevant, incorporate the analogies from climbing to business into my work.

Before I entered into the world of entrepreneur events and business mentoring, I spent the best part of 10 years running my own travel business ( selling ethical experiential travel to high-end clients), and the previous 10 years in the world of recruitment and talent development.

Why Redpoint?

Redpoint is a term used in rock climbing when a climber has had to practice and experiment with a climbing route before they finally get to the top in one go.  Running any successful business requires agility, and a process of experimentation before one can reap the rewards of success; just as in climbing having a support team and someone at your side to guide and encourage you can accelerate this process.


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Come ride the waves with me!

We are living in unprecedented times. Whilst we are all faced with challenges, if you are in the fortunate position of being able to stand back from the current crisis, you will be able to step into a position of leadership, shining a light on new opportunities that can solve global problems. 

“Your time to shine”

As  entrepreneurs, we are the innovators, the creators, the disruptors, the thought-leaders, the ground-breakers and the change-makers.
We’ve never stood back and waited for everyone to be ready for what we’ve got to share.
We’ve been the trailblazers for social, economic and environmental change.
We’re creating that change and that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop because of disease.
Our families, neighbourhoods, communities and countries need us now, more than ever.

You can contact me by emailing catherine@redpointmentoring.com or book in a call here

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” OPRAH WINFREY